Everything You Need To Know About Cs Boost  

Counter-Strike is an online multiplayer First Person Shooting (FPS) game created and distributed by Valve Corporation. Two groups of terrorists (Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists) play against each other to win in-game rewards. The game has released 4 different versions Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, Source and Go, in that order.

In CS Go, every player has a rank, and to push your rank you have to win games or at least draw it. Your team needs to score 16 points first or you can potentially draw 15-15. A player who doesn’t want or doesn’t have time to go through all these levels for a rank up can opt for a cs boost service.

What is CS boost?

It helps a player to reach a high-level rank in a relatively short period. An average player needs to play around 200 hours to reach the highest rank i.e. 21. So, it makes sense for some players to spend money and reach the highest level fast.

There are usually two ways to get a cs boost

  1. Smurfing – In smurfing, a professional player comes to the rescue and plays for you. The professional just carry you to high ranks and saves you from all the frustration and hard work.
  2. Hacking – Some players go to the extent of hacking servers to push their ranks although this may result in a permanent account ban.

The pricing of cs boost services depends upon the current and desired rank. The service can be easily availed online. There are many cheap options available.


Process of availing a boosting service

  • Send the payment through a secure gateway
  • Share account details through WhatsApp/Discord etc.
  • Avail the service

Boosting Services are completely legal and safe. Your account details will be safe with the company as all the professional players work under a Non-Disclosure contract.